One Voice Ministries, Inc.

Developing Bible Institute in Malawi, Africa

Lion of Judah Bible Institute is a work of the Holy Spirit for God’s people in Malawi and surrounding nations. It is purposed to help train and equip leaders and pastors in Africa in the word of God for the benefit of the believer of Jesus Christ in the region.

We are assisting pastors in gaining biblical insight and knowledge to help instruct the body of Christ in godly principles and understanding of a true personal relationship with Jesus Christ and its impact on individuals, families, churches, the community and the nation.

Our goals include eventually securing a permanent facility to hold classes and conduct workshops. We hope to hire and train a group of instructors to ministry to those seeking greater biblical awareness. This will require resources and materials, some of which will better help the students by being translated into their Chichewa language. Our hope is to create a full curriculum of study and offer a certificate program upon completion.

As an outreach of One Voice Ministries Inc., the Institute will impact the nation and world for the glory of Christ by equipping individuals to be light and salt against the tide of ungodly opposition and worldly oppression of the true church established and built by Jesus Christ in the hearts of men and women.

Lion of Judah Bible Institute itself, will continually be the ongoing result of prayer and following the Lord’s guidance by the Spirit and the Word intended as he wills for just such a time as this. As this ministry is gaining ground we ask for your prayer support…we acknowledge we CANNOT do this without the Lord.

Institute Update

We are making forward steps toward in development of the Bible Institute. We have a put to a course of study outline of what we hope to accomplish over time. Please pray as this is a work in progress and changes are likely.  Please keep checking back for more update including upcoming fundraising announcements concerning the Institute.

Please join us in prayer for this work of the Holy Spirit.

The VISION of Lion of Judah Bible Institute is about reaching Malawi and beyond its borders with pastors and leaders biblically trained in the word of God to help individuals develop genuine personal relationships with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that will transform their lives.

The MISSION of Lion of Judah Bible Institute is to train pastors and spiritual leaders in biblical knowledge and insight as they carry the word of God to the people of Malawi and its neighboring countries.

Our emphasis will be to direct our student’s ministries toward the purpose of Evangelizing, Equipping, Edifying, and Encouraging others by offering the truth found in scripture that leads to becoming a true followers of Jesus Christ.